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Extra Ordinary Safety Measures

Our aim: “At any cost, by anyone, of anyhow, at anywhere, no compromise with regards to safety”

When it comes to shifting/transportation, these are small things that make big difference. Our extensive experience in this field, coupled with the determination to continuously improve our service, has helped us to devise new ways to address your needs.

Packing the household items is a kind of art and needs to be performed with extra care and adopting necessary safety measures. Being in this industry from almost three decades, doing various experiments and earning enough experience, we continuously make efforts to improvise our services for extreme customer satisfaction.

The goods are equally valuable to us as to the customers. Therefore, we pay high attention towards the safety and security of consignment. For this, adopt additional safety measures while moving that has made the ratio of our repetitive customers go high. Some of our initiatives include:

Trucking Cube
Closed Containers
Tarpet (Carpet) Flooring
Plant Carriers
T-corners (V-cut)
Safety Belts
Duct Tape
Glass Pipes
Car-Seat Cover
Added Safety Precaution
Wooden Crate Packing
Fabric Sheets
Local Car Pick Up Carriers
Caution Stand
Safety Jacket
Safety Locks
Shoe Cover
Bike Stand
Universal base for safe packing of almirah